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The company "Debit and Credit" offers businessmen and companies of any form of ownership a range of services in Kiev. For many years we have been doing business in various fields (trade, manufacturing, services) and we understand what business needs for its effective development and growth in any economic environment. Each of the services we offer saves you time, money and space on the corresponding employee!


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Why us?

Working with us, you get:

  • Financial guarantee-insurance of professional activity - 1,000,000 ml. hryvnia
  • Free up time for business development
  • Entering the TOP - 10 </ strong> Ukrainian outsourcing companies
  • Three Level Control </ strong> Service Quality
  • Solving difficult issues
During the work of Debit and Credit LLC, dozens of entrepreneurs and enterprises were convinced of the profitability and security of external accounting, tax accounting and auditing in our company. Managers and entrepreneurs can now fully take care of their main tasks in the development and functioning of the business, since at the moment our specialists are engaged in all of their accounting, tax reporting and documentation. We also help to quickly resolve any issues arising with the tax service, pension fund and other government agencies.

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By clicking on the button “Order call”, you consent to the processing of your personal data

The answer is simple: our work will make your business easier, clearer, more efficient, more profitable and safer! Among other things, you will free up a lot of time that was spent on solving routine issues. And then decide for yourself - use it for business development or finally pay attention to close people and your own desires. The situation in the economy of our country has had a negative impact on almost all enterprises and entrepreneurs: demand has fallen, the market has narrowed and the profits of most enterprises have declined and continue to fall. Those who managed to respond in time to changing conditions and take certain measures remain afloat. One of these measures is to simplify the business through the transfer of certain functions to outsourcing. You do not need to keep in the state an accounting or legal department if you have the opportunity to involve our lawyers or accountants in solving one or another task. You do not need to keep hundreds of thousands of papers and archives if you can transport them to us, digitize and get around the clock online access to the required information.

Аутсорсинг бизнес процессов: почему это нужно Вашей фирме?

No need to run around the authorities, follow the wild changes in the legislation, worry about the mistakes of the accountant in the tax reporting and accounting. We will follow and perform all necessary actions. And we will bear financial responsibility if any mistake happens through our fault. The less routine issues lie on the leader, the more time and energy he has for strategic development and implementation of new projects. Our services will help save you from the routine that prevents you from focusing on the main things. For now, your competitors will decide how to interpret the new law correctly, how to fill out a report, how and what to pay to a regular fund, tax, etc. - You will do your business. Because we will solve the remaining issues!

It is believed that accounting services are quite expensive. This is a myth that is based on a superficial miscalculation of the question. If you compare the cost of a hired accountant (salary, taxes, workplace rental, furniture, appliances, software, periodicals) and the cost of bookkeeping services, you will get quite comparable figures. In some cases, the cost of accounting and other outsourcing services will be much cheaper than the cost of a hired accountant. But this is not important.

Perhaps accounting services - it is too expensive?

The important thing is that the mistakes of your accountant or lawyer can really be VERY expensive for your business. We give a full financial guarantee! Any fines and penalties that will be accrued through our fault, we pay ourselves.

Thanks to our support, you can take a punch in any situation!

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