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“Debit & Credit” LLC offers companies and entrepreneurs to try the benefits of outsourcing accounting, auditing and legal services.


What is outsourcing?

Each enterprise has in its structure a variety of departments that perform certain functions: production department, sales department, accounting department, personnel department, legal department. So, outsourcing is the transfer of certain functions to an outsider. Outsourcing can be used by both small entrepreneurs and companies of any level of business and sphere of activity(production, trade, services).We offer full or partial outsourcing of accounting and legal support. The service can be partial (reduce the burden on the chief accountant) or complete (transfer to the accounting department in full).



                                                                                  How it works in practice?


To understand, let’s give a simple example.

You are the director of a company that needs an accountant. To provide him with the conditions for his work, you need:

  1. Find a qualified accountant. For a person who doesn`t have the experience of accounting, hiring a good employee is difficult. The level of his qualification you will understand after months of his work, on the facts of inspections in the tax service.
  2. Provide an accountant with a cabinet, desk, chair. He needs a computer, software (1C.Accounting, programs for sending reports), printer, office supplies, etc.
  3. Pay a decent salary (and taxes on it). Good accountant and low pay – things are difficult to bring them together.
  4. Provide training and subscription to specialized accounting editions. Regularly business trips to seminars about changes in tax legislation. And now it is changing often and any omission can turn into serious problems.
  5. An accountant sometimes gets sick. We are all humans, but if this happens on the eve of reporting or serious scrutiny, it can turn into a loss of nerve and time in search of alternatives.
  6. An accountant sometimes goes to a decree. This is a great event! But for you, as a director, a new phase in the search for a qualified temporary replacement begins. Well, the payment of maternity funds, of course.
  7. An accountant is sometimes mistaken. It’s OK, if the error is small, and an easy fine is deducted from the salary of a worker. But if the error led to a serious check on a “mask show” (?) And a temporary blockage of the company’s work, then it is going to damage the entire company.

All these problems and costs can be avoided! Outsourcing of accounting services deprives you of these worries. You just sign a contract with us, transfer the necessary documents, credentials. And you get a full range of accounting services without problems!


All problems are on us:

  1. We select high-quality personnel by ourselves!
  2. We train our staff for all innovations in the field of accounting and tax legislation!
  3. We provide our accountants with all the necessary for high-quality and efficient work.
  4. We are watching the terms of preparation and delivery of certain documents.
  5. If any of our staff is sick or goes to a decree, then we always have someone to work with your business, keep an accountancy, report in a timely manner.
  6. We giving you a guarantee! If the mistake is our fault, we are paying you all your loss.
  7. We are freeing up space for you in the office for a good salesman who will bring you even more profits.

In addition, if you suddenly have problems with government agencies, we will provide a reliable legal back!)


As part of the accounting outsourcing service, we are engaged in:

*- for manufacturing and trading companies

**- for manufacturing companies


Once again, we emphasize that “Debit & Credit” provides full accounting services. The accounting of your business will be timely and qualitatively completed and transferred to the necessary organizations. We are responsible for the quality of our work and bear the material responsibility for all the actions of our employees.


“Debit & Credit” – is a complete high-level accounting service in Kyiv. Choosing between hiring an accountant in the state and outsourcing, we have given enough arguments in favor of the second. Now the choice is yours! If you have any questions, then contact us right now!



Thanks to our support, you can take a punch in any situation!

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Accounting services in Kiev, accounting outsourcing, bookkeeping. We can offer your business everything you need!


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